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Go And Do It

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

First they feel ashamed of you,

Being unaware of uncertainty of life.

Then they ignore you,

Shying away from helping you.

Then they laugh at you,

Disbelieving that you will not make it.

Then they discourage you,

Making sure others not liking you.

Then they feel discomfortable,

Feeling that you might make it.

Then they spy on you,

Noting every step you take.

Then they come to you,

Socializing with you, out of fomo.

Then they accept you,

As others are appreciating you.

Then they promote you,

Saying they discovered you first.

Then they fight with you,

Seeing you are going ahead of them.

Then they bad-mouth you,

Making you their enemy.

Then they give up,

Feeling helpless.

Then they start,

Their own journey just like you.

So you go and do it,

And inspire them.

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